Competition is great. Competition is important.

That’s why Vex meeting eSports is perfect. Vex Robotics envisions a world where every student can be inspired by the excitement of hands-on STEM learning and knows the feeling of creating something with technology. It is a competitive sport that encompasses people of all ages and backgrounds create, problem-solve, collaborate and compete. WELL, so does eSports. eSports athletes form teams where they communicate, problem-solve, strategize and achieve goals. So, when Vex met eSports it was a hit!

Game On decided to sponsor the Park Tudor Panther Robotics team because we saw the value in what we do and what they do. My first experience was last Saturday. I brought 2 Xbox stations to the competition so that the teams could play Madden and NBA2K in between matches. It was amazing. There were kids from different teams competing in another sport which showed me how universal games are to our kids. I saw sportsmanship during the Vex competitions as well as during the gaming. It was a perfect blend. I noticed how competitions bring kids together and builds their self-confidence even when they do not win.

Kids want to have fun and we want them to learn. That is why both activities are so important. They both teach strategizing. This is a critical skill that requires weighing odds and utilizing the best practices. Being able to come up with new strategies is a life-lesson. Game On is thrilled to be a part of Vex Robotics. Game On offers classes in coding, Minecraft and app design. STEM learning. These are many of the same skills utilized to build the robots. eSports is team based so is Vex robotics. Kids learning to work together, take turns and use the strengths of each member of each team. This collaboration is an important life skill.

Vex robotics and eSports offer kids the opportunity to create. Each year there is a new challenge in robotics that the kids must prepare for. In the same manner, new games are released each year which means that the eSports players must learn the new changes to the game, memorize and strategize all over again. In traditional sports, the rules are established as well as the court or field. Imagine having everything changed and having to be the constant learner. This is critical in today’s world where technical (STEM) backgrounds is so important. The US education system is beginning to embrace these concepts and courses are becoming available to students but there needs to be more. This needs to begin at an early age to engage the kids for life. Most importantly, while they are learning, the kids in Vex and eSports are having fun! Park Tudor Panther Robotics ended up winning that day and it was so exciting that Game On helped support their efforts.

By: Cara Barretto