Here Are 3 Ways How

In the past 2 years, the esports industry has exponentially exploded. College now offer full-ride scholarships and professional players are making millions of dollars a year. That’s right folks, you can make money playing video games. Do you want in this market? Here are three avenues that anyone can take to make money playing video games.

1. College Scholarship

Colleges are now offering full-ride scholarships to play a specific esports game for the given University. How does an individual prepare themselves to play in college? Initially, make sure at minimum, your in-game ranked status is among the top 30% of players. If you are not playing at that skill level, then that is totally fine, continue to practice and watch your VODS.

Contact the college you are wanting to play for.
This can be done via a simple web search. Most colleges have a recruitment form that individuals can fill out and they will contact you for a tryout/evaluation at the school or online.

2. Build Your Own Brand

Personal branding is a method that is getting extremely popular worldwide in many industries. In gaming, building your own brand gives individuals experience on all levels of brand creation and ultimately, impacts your ability to get the right promotions, sponsors, future jobs, talent, and capital.
How do I build my own brand via gaming?
There are various platforms that you can utilize to broadcast your brand and content.

  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Mixer

First you need to identify:

  • What is my brand?
  • How is it unique?
  • What platform(s) will I use to implement my brand?
  • Identify your persona
  • What content will you produce?
  • What does my brand look like 2 years down the road?

After steps 1-6 are complete, then start to build out your page via the platform of your choice. All three platforms above are free to utilize, so take advantage of the depth in which you can be creative and unique with your content. My next article will specifically highlight this section in extreme depth, so if your thinking of starting your own YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer channel, look for next week’s article.

3. Play at a professional level

The beautiful aspect of video games is that I do not have to be 6’7 and have a 40’’ vertical. At the end of the day, my progression in a game comes down to how I am practicing, what attainable goals am I setting, and what elements outside of the game am I utilizing to increase my performance.
How are you practicing?

Are you just playing the game a lot? How are you learning? How do you measure your progression? Consider all of these questions if your goal is professional play. It is not as simple as sit down, play, get better, repeat, become pro. Your practice needs to be blocked, structured, and constantly tweaked. To clarify, practice is solely not comprised of playing, playing, playing. How are you practicing your mechanics? How are you tracking improvement in the metagame? Ranked play status in these games are NEVER a variable in determining progression. In fact, the more you disregard your rank, the more efficient you will be in improving. The misconception is that my rank determines my skill, which, is not false; however systematic, purpose driven practice creates a mentality that will allow you to surpass your peers and competition.
What attainable goals are you setting?

The key word in this section is attainable. I would set goals that are so easy you 100% know you will reach them. Why? The 99% of the population that play your game, do not set goals. If they do set goals, they are unattainable, floating around the 10,000 altitude realm. They never reach those goals, but they psych themselves out to think they’re better than they actually are. They realize that they are not progressing, so they lose motivation and fall into what I call “competitive limbo.” Basically, it’s the state in which an individual constantly expresses motivation and desire to play at a higher level; however, this individual lacks ATTAINABLE goals or any goals at all. So, they take a break from the game and three months later the motivation and desire come alive again alone to be smashed with the same repetitive competitive limbo cycle. Set goals for yourself that you know are an arms reach away. Crawl before you walk, walk before you jog, and jog before you sprint.

What areas outside of the game do you take advantage of to increase your performance?

As a professional player, you have to be ahead of your opponents in every shape, way, and form. Creating a workout schedule every day is extremely vital to your overall performance. It increases your concentration level, reduces fatigue, releases frustration, and keeps you healthy.

Paired with exercise is a healthy diet. A healthy diet helps control your weight, improve your reflexes, and brain function. The perfect package to maximize your performance in game.

A poor diet can clog your arteries and restrict blood flow to your brain. Too much sugar results in energy spikes followed by energy crashes. This poor diet creates you feeling lethargic, unfocused, tired, and constantly hungry. Overall, this leads to a hindered performance.

These three steps that I have explained are not easy. It requires work, sweat, sacrifice, dedication, and much more. You don’t have to be the best or at the top of the leaderboards, but you must show your constant drive to succeed and be the best at what you are wanting to pursue. Don’t settle for second place, constantly push for that number 1 spot. Again, it will take time and energy, but don’t give up.

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