Video Game Coding Camps

Watch your child’s imagination come to life as they dream, create and play their own video games.

Create & Play camps offer children 8-16 the opportunity to hone their math, science and technology skills through the creation of video games and applications. While the child “plays” they learn critical thinking, teamwork, problem-solving, confidence, and leadership skills. Each game includes a real-life application so campers can take their game to the gym and teach their fellow campers how to play.

Kodu Camp

This camp provides an introduction into the world of game creation using Microsoft’s Kodu Game Lab. Students will get a chance to create and customize their own worlds, and fill them with crazy characters! They will also learn the basics of computer coding using Kodu’s built in Programming system, which allows them to create fully featured games. This camp has a strong emphasis on cooperation and collaboration; students will create games with and for their fellow campers to enjoy!

Unity Camp

Our most advanced camp, we will focus on the Unity Engine, an industry standard used to make many of today’s popular games. Students will learn a mix of 2D and 3D drawing and animation, and make use of the modeling software Blender. In addition to learning how to use this powerful software, this camp will provide an introduction to advanced programming topics. If you’re looking to take your game creation to the next level, look no further!


The Mobile Phone Game creation camp is focused on fun, intuitive 2D game making. We utilize a program called Construct 2 which easily allows students to create characters, levels, and animations to bring their imagination to life. Students will learn fundamentals of programming and will leave the camp well equipped to create whatever they can dream of!


Focused on creativity, this camp allows students to explore video game art and animation. Centered on a free program called Pixlr, which can be used for anything from 8-Bit drawing to Photo Manipulation. Students will get an opportunity see their creations come to life using Sprite Sheet animation. Perfect for the aspiring artist with an interest in gaming, or the veteran gamer interested in creating their own games!


The Computer Creation and Coding camp is our most broad and varied camp, covering numerous topics spanning from how a computer works to Python Programming. The Kano Computer kit has been raved about by too many journalists and newspapers to count, and still stands as one of the most successful crowdfunding projects ever. Students in this camp will learn all about putting together their Kano kit, and some of the incredible things that you can do with them.

World of Minecraft!

For Minecraft players of all skill levels.  Join the adventure that is MINECRAFT in this exciting camp that will immerse students into the game they love.   Campers will play a special educational mod of the game on a secure server where they will explore a vast interactive ancient world map complete with thrilling quests and adventures.  In another activity, campers must work together in survival mode to design, create, and build an entire virtual community on a volcano island.   Each day will see a different set of challenges and games that will put their creativity and problem solving to the test.