Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Love video games? Want to play them with all of your friends? Want to play the newest video games? Come to Game On esports Center for your next birthday party!

  • 10 Players
  • 2 Hours of Game Time
  • Account Setup for all players
  • 2 Pizza’s
  • 10 (20oz) Soda’s or Bottle Water
  • Custom list of games to play

  • Preferred Game List
  • Private Section
  • Group Photo
  • Preferred Music Options
  • Optional Tournament (+$)
  • LIVE YouTube/Twitch Webcast (+$)

  • Discounted Memberships when purchased during the event
  • Personal Staff Assistance
  • PC/Console access w/ 1,000+ Games
  • 2 TV Streams of choice
  • Living Room Lounge for guests
Fortnite Birthday Party

Looking for a Video Game Party? Let Game On do it for you! We offer everything from state-of-the-art PC’s, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, classic Retro Arcades and the world-famous and top party favorite 10-player Killer Queen arcade! Your birthday party guests will have so many choices of games, you will have a difficult time getting them to want to leave at the end of the party 😉

All of our party packages are fully customizable and cater to any age group. Our parties take place in our amazing state-of-the-art Game On esports Center where you can play nearly a thousand games on state-of-the-art game systems. You can switch up your game and console as many times as you like. With our most popular package the Free for All, we take care of everything for you! This includes the food, drinks, and games!

We can accommodate up to 60 gamers at a time. If you’re looking for a smaller party we can accommodate a minimum of 4 or more gamers. Invite your friends to the ultimate gaming experience!

Our most popular package, we take care of everything for you. Yes, we mean everything. This includes food, drinks, all the games and most importantly the cleanup! During the party, we have trained staff members available at all times to ensure that you and your guests are having a great time! All gamers will leave with incredible memories and we give each and every gamer in your party a FREE ONE HOUR pass to play in our game center for a future visit. We also provide a discount to any family that would like to purchase one of our monthly unlimited membership packages!

We will make sure you to have the best birthday party ever!

Our Game On esports Center has everything video games! We have close to 1,000 new and retro games to choose from on systems like Nintendo, XBOX One, PS4, XBOX 360, Wii and even the retro 80’s arcade cabinets and so much more… with all of these games to choose from you’ll never fail to have a good time!

Interested in setting up a tournament? Let us know and we’ll set up a tournament for your favorite gamers game. Some examples of our popular tournaments include Madden, NBA, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and so many more! Pick your favorite game and we will handle the rest. What’s a tournament without a prize? We’ll make sure the winner of the tournament will be rewarded handsomely for their amazing feat. *NOTE: Tournaments are an additional charged service

If tournaments aren’t your thing, we also can set up challenges for your gamers like the good ol‘ days of the arcades. Pick a game and we’ll set a challenge that everyone can participate in and become a record holder in Game On high score archive.

We continually ask our guests what games they want to play. We always have the latest, most popular games in our game center including current smash hits like Fortnte, Call of Duty, Madden, FIFA, NBA2K, Rocket League, Overwatch and many more! If you want to make sure we have a title please call or email! If we don’t have it we will get it.

Retro or Current Gen, we have all your gaming consoles covered. Craft your special event however you want! A mix of new and old from Atari to PS4 VR, a full slate of Nintendo hardware from NES to Switch and everything in between. Maybe Sega’s line of machines is more your thing. You could even sneak in a 3D0 and maybe a Phillips CD-i. The choice is yours!

Standard Birthday Package: $350.00

*Guests can bring their own desserts.

How early should we arrive before the party?

A: Normally the birthday family arrives up to 5-10 minutes before the party starts. We’ll have all the games you selected set up in esports center ready for you to play.

How much is the party deposit?

A: You will need to submit a deposit in order to book a party. For parties of 10 or more gamers we require a 50% downpayment to book the space and staff. You may also pay in full online. Other options we have are call-in orders as well just stopping by the game center.

What if I need to change any of the party details?

A: If you need to make any changes to your party you can contact us via phone and we will make the changes. The sooner you let us know, the more likely we’ll be able to accommodate you. We will also call you 2-3 days before your party to confirm all of the details. The day of the party we do an additional headcount of gamers.

Is your 10 player Killer Queen included with my party?

A: Yes! Killer Queen is the only 10 player stand up arcade game in the world. It is by far the MOST POPULAR single multi player arcade in history. Your birthday group will have so much fun on the Killer Queen Arcade they will sometimes have a difficult time leaving the game to go have cake 😉

Is the YouTube/Twitch Video Webcast Stage included with our party?

A: Great question! Your live webcast Youtube/Twitch channel is an extra service because we require additional trained staff and production equipment. The great thing is that if you have relatives or friends that cannot make the party, it will be BROADCAST LIVE for your family and friends to watch and participate just as if they were there! We can also record and save the party and give you a copy for your own memories!

Can we do a custom tournament for our party?

A: Yes! However this would be an additional expense. We need additional staff and planning time to do a tournament similar to our normal leagues and tournaments. Please email or call us to inquire as to doing custom tournament(s) for your party.

Can kids just select any games they choose?

A: No. Our staff members will be responsible for setting up all of the games and consoles for the guests. Gamers will inform the staff when they want to change a game. For younger gamers, we will only put on games approved by the Birthday parents.

Do you have any Retro Arcade Games?

A: Yes! Our owners are HUGE retro arcade fans and as a matter of fact own many video game companies including which are custom retro arcades that can play thousands of original arcade games like pac-man, donkey kong and galaga. We always have at least one DreamAuthentics arcade and many other original arcade machines. They are all set on free play for our birthday guests!

How many people does your esports center hold?

A: Game On has 40 high-end gaming PC’s with 32″ HD screens and the latest graphics cards. We have 25 XBOX One systems and 6 Playstation 4 systems. We have 6x 50″ HD screens throughout the center. We can host nearly 80 people comfortably inside our game center.

Who will be working my party?

A: We have a minimum of one or possibly two of our trained staff tending to your party at all times. If you have a special request about who you’d like to run your party, feel free to let us know in advance and we’ll try our best to accommodate you.

Where and when is the food served?

A: In our standard package we normally leave that up to the birthday party and parents. We usually serve the main food halfway through the party (e.g. for a 2 hour party, at the 1 hour interval). We serve dessert or cake 15 minutes before the end of the party. This way, guests get to play for an hour, eat, and then go back to playing. We are flexible to change schedule per parental requests.

What if I want to order more food for kids or even parents?

A: We will inform you of how many pizzas we’re going to order for the gamers in case you would like to have extra. The standard party packages provide enough pizza for each child to have 2 slices. Any additional pizzas are $12 per pizza. If you think you would like more pizzas please let us know as far as possible in advance so we can make notes custom for your order.

Can I bring my own cake or deserts?

A: Yes, absolutely! Every birthday kid usually would like their own cakes or deserts. We encourage parents to bring their own favorite cakes. We also have special custom cake upgrades we can do special with advance notice that look like video games!

What forms of payment are accepted?

A: All forms of payment are accepted for the initial deposit. For the final payment, we do not accept check, only cash and debit/credit cards.

Is gratuity/tip included with the original total?

A: No, we do not include gratuity in the bill. It is up to you to tip as you see fit after the party based on how well our staff helped celebrate your birthday party!

If we have less than 10 kids coming do we pay the same amount?

A: Unfortunately, the price is the same for a standard birthday party weather you have 5 6 or 10. We must pre-schedule extra staff for our parties so our labor is the same no matter how many. If you would like to schedule a CUSTOM party that is different in any way than our standard package package we are happy to make a smaller package based on your budget.

Do you have lighters and candles for the cake?

A: Good question! NO as a matter of fact. We prefer not to keep matches or lighters inside the game center for safety. Please make sure to bring candles and a lighter as we will not have them available. You also should bring your choice of cake/dessert plates and utensils. We do provide plenty of napkins.

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